2012 Nordic JOTA puzzle.

Jamboree on the air is, apart from having a good time, about making contacts and communication. When we started thinking of what this years puzzle would be we looked at what the JOTA was for inspiration, and the different forms of communications that is and has been used by scouts and guides is what stuck with us.

The 2012 Nordic JOTA puzzle looks back on a communication method not commonly used today, but once known by most scouts. To extend the puzzle beyond just the few hectic days of code swapping over the radio we have chosen to not tell you what form of communication we have chosen. Instead we hope that the material provided in this letter will be sufficient for you to figure that part out. Once you figured it out you need to be vigilant, the communication form in question has gone through a internationalisation, hence there is a new and a old version, we are using the new one.

Slik gjør du

To solve this years puzzle there are a few things you need.

Download this pdf file. You will find a two pages, one with a small armless man in a circle with a hangman styled text are beneath and one with two arms with flags in the hands.

Cut out the arms and pin them on the man in the circle, the arm marked “L” goes on the left side and the one marked “R” on the right.

The codes will consist of a number ranging from one to forty-three, then either the letter “L” or “R” and after that a single letter ranging from “A” to “H”.

If you for example get the code 5R=B, it means that the code is part of the fifth letter and that the right arm should point to position “B” in the circle.

Once you have two codes with the same number, the positions of the arms will give you the letter it represents, if you have figured out what communication form we are using that is.

Koder blir tilsendt

The answer to the puzzle is a sentence and to make it fair to all countries, it is in English.

All codes will be sent to you a few days before the actual JOTA weekend.


If you find that we are too cryptic and you can’t figure out the communication form, or if you are having difficulty understanding the instructions, send a mail to mattias@dammstrom.spray.se and we will off course give you the help you need to participate in the 2012 Nordic JOTA puzzle.


Good luck, have fun and 73 de Mattias Dammström and Jesper Larsson.